‘Vital Energy Training is super fun and very challenging! By practicing consistently, you infuse your daily life with fresh inspiration, insight, joy and thriving vitality!”

~Mariane Karou


Every class is an ADVENTURE!

…into freeing your body,

expanding your mind, and trusting yourself.

…into relating and building

dynamic synergy with others.

…into giving yourself the freedom to explore

more strength, flow, and energy than you 

ever knew possible.

Through breath, movement, and

relating, you build your life force.

You increase pleasure

by opening inside your heart.

You increase strength 

by sticking with what is challenging.

You increase courage

by being true to yourself.



Every class and workshop is an adventure.

How to Take Class

Come with a beginners mind, willing to explore and research like a scientist with the curiosity of an innocent child.


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Vital Energy Training is a dynamic and organic movement system that trains you how to increase your energy level, stamina, deep resonance, love of life and relating skills. Your body is trained to initiate movement in all directions and tempos and to let go and flow. Your feelings are allowed to exist, without judgement or labels.Your mind is trained to expand your awareness by witnessing your experience, and directing your body to relax and initiate. You are encouraged to expand how you relate to others. This training increases your vital energy so there is more life force pulsing through your entire body.This movement system has all the fundamentals woven in that are necessary to be able to do what is needed in any life situation. By practicing this training, you are building the skills to deepen your connection within, cultivate the agile responsiveness of an animal, use your consciousness to act from integrity and expand your capacity to fully love your life. You learn to work hard as well as play in a creative and spontaneous way.

“Movement is a way of life. Train before you need it.

Develop quick responses with a kind heart.

Train to be Strong. Adaptable and Commited!”

~ Mariane Karou

Every experience of Vital Energy Training is an ADVENTURE!


~ freeing your body, expanding your mind and trusting yourself

~ relating and building dynamic energy with others

~ giving yourself the freedom to explore more strength, flow and energy than you ever knew possible


Through breath, movement and relating, you build your life force.

You are being guided to move from subtle, internal movement to large, active movement while alone and in relationship with others. This transition from deep within to the pulsing life force being expressed throughout your entire body is challenging to make with ease and agility. However, with continued practice you learn to move with connection through this transition, which enables you to relax when you are challenged, to be confident when you are afraid, and move through life with grace and strength while staying connected in your heart.

This extraordinary system reawakens your innate intelligence and inspires you to say “Yes” to Life.


“It takes love and initiative to be Vitally Alive!”

~Mariane Karou





Moving the Body butt

Our bodies have an unlimited amount of movement within their inherent structures. You will be guided to expand your perception of your body and to increase your range of motion in all directions, all shapes and all tempos, from the space within throughout your entire body thus building vibrant health and internal communications.

In addition you will be guided to extend your awareness to include the space around the body and interact with others through physical movement, energetic interplay, and verbal communication.

Physical mobility is the ability to move in any direction, shape or tempo at any given moment; not to be limited by any rhythm, or pattern of movement that is familiar to you.

You cultivate greater physical mobility by developing both greater fluidity and strength.

Physical fluidity is the ability to be responsive through your whole body in any direction, tempo or amount of intensity. It allows you to move incrementally with grace and precision from one movement to the next. All of nature moves in an organic, fluid manner.  Fluidity in the body is the result of connecting one movement to the next and every movement connecting to the whole.

Physical strength  is the ability to stabilize, to build and maintain greater amounts of resistance and to endure the pressure requited to hold a strong, steady position. To move with physical strength involves precise awareness  to maintain tension and re-stabilize with each movement. With strength a greater level of standing over your own two feet is possible and the ability to engage with another creates a satisfying challenge.

As you develop greater physical mobility, your body will continually open to greater ranges of movement, articulation, freedom and purpose as you learn to allow and initiate movement creating energy pathways throughout your entire system.



As human beings, we innately have the ability to allow feeling, which is the movement of energy. However, through repetitive dysfunctional training to suppress, repress, depress, vent or otherwise control feeling, many of us have lost touch with this ability. In Vital Energy Training, through continued guidance to include all feeling, without judgement or labeling, you increase your capacity to feel.

All feeling gives you information. With this information you either react (through fighting, fleeing or freezing), or you respond as needed by integrating the information and choosing the best possible direction to move in.

Receiving and integrating the information from your feeling requires developing the ability to maintain openness to the intensity of feeling without reacting by collapsing into the feeling or acting out to discharge it. It also requires allowing feelinng to exist and to move and change organically. Training your mind to include feeling without attempting to change or alter it is how you can allow feeling to exist.

Allowing feeling builds your intuitive radar tremendously,  which is necessary to navigate well in all personal and professional relationships and the whole environment we live in.

The ability to feel without interference is absolutely necessary to make clear, committed and responsible choices. 


moving the mindbutt2

Mental mobility is developed as you increase your ability to move your mind to see things from all vantage points in the present moment; not to hold onto fixed ideas, identities and interpretations of reality. This gives you the freedom to change you perceptions, beliefs, preconceived ideas and mindsets and to see the world from your own fresh perspective as well as anyone else’s perspective and speak anyone else’s language.

Moving the mind also includes developing the discipline to witness what is occurring without judgement (right/wrong, good/bad), or any attempt to change or alter what is occurring based on reaction. By developing the ability to observe with clarity, you can use your mind to evaluate and direct based on what is most needed to stimulate greater vibrancy and teamplay in any given situation.

Mental mobility is also cultivated through the ability to focus. Vital Energy Training develops sustained single-pointed, specific focus; holistic, open focus; and the ability to allow the focus to move randomly and erratically. Each of these types of focus serve an important function inn life. Vital Energy Training expands your capacity to utilize your focus in all three ways, and to be able to fluctuate between all of these types of focus with ease at any point in time. Vital Energy Training is mental cross-training which enhances both Right and Left Brain function, and teh integrated teamplay of both hemispheres.

The integrated functioning of the mind cultivated in Vital Energy Training allows you to see the whole in any situation. This means not operating from only one perspective, but rather from the whole of your system, the whole of another’s system and the whole of your relationship. By seeing the whole, you can accurately see and do what is needed for everyone’s best interest.

Expanding your mental range of movement gives you tremendous freedom and power to build a vital body and life


Moving In Relationshipbutt2

In Vital Energy Training you are trained to be aware, adaptable, encouraging, direct and responsive with others.

It takes tremendous flexibility and internal strength to be able to perceive and then ve responsive in a way that creates synergy with another. you are not supposed to know how to relate well; this is a skill that is developed with lots of practice working with different people. Vital Energy Training cultivates the ability to move in relationship, which in turn gives you freedom as you don’t feel controlled or limited by others. Instead, you are able to move within as you relate to another. The ability to adapt to others while remaining open and connected to yourself is very  satisfying and productive and enables you to be more and more effective personally and professionally.

In Vital Energy Training, you are trained how to give and receive guidance with others and how to interact in relaxed, vibrant and creative ways. You are encouraged to expand your capacity to relate in a direct manner as well as be sensitive to the subtle cues that others are giving you. You are trained to verbally communicate what you are doing while you are moving with others to increase your awareness as well as build communication skills and rapport. In addition, you are given plenty of opportunity to play, explore and interact in a fun and creative environment that encourages listening to yourself and responding to others, and letting yourself discover in the moment new ways of relating to others.



You cannot train your spirit. It already exists. Your true nature is being awakened with your awareness. As you progress in your embodiment of Vital Energy Training, your body, emotions and mind work together with great agility, and the spirit of who you are can be expressed in concrete tangible forms and seen in how you live life.

Loving life is an acknowledgement of your great connection to your spirit.


Team Spiritbutt

The name of the game in Vital Energy Training is Team Spirit. When your body, feelings, mind and spirit work as a team, communication within keeps life vitally unfolding. By learning to communicate internally, you increase your skill to be able to communicate externally.

We are all on one Team, cheering each other on as we learn to relate with integrity, live in Our truth and manifest in any area that is important to each one of us.



MIA wave


“How fast can you move from being stuck to initiating movement? 
How fast can you move from being insecure to confident? 
How fast can you move from fear into love?
Movement is a way of life. Train before you need it. 
Develop quick responses with a kind heart. 
Train to be Strong, Adaptable and Committed! “
~ Mariane Karou

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Moving Into Action is about picking up your rate of movement so you can move with Trust, Confidence and Energy into ACTION!

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