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“Jump in, learn by doing, and you will build your strength and courage. Ill show you how to have rugged resiliency and a joyful spirit of adventure to fully live your life.”


“You build courage…by overcoming your fear and doing what you are afraid of doing

 ”You build confidence …by falling down and getting up again

You build intuition…by feeling inside and trusting what you know

You build acceptance…by seeing reality

You build communication skills…by getting in the moment feedback

You build respect…by getting your world and another’s world

You build endurance…by staying present all day long

You build flexibility…by being on a team and learning to teamplay”

-Mariane Karou


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Take Charge Now is an interactive, adventurous “How to Move Through Life” Training. It trains you to move with the ups and downs of life with an open heart, an eager attitude, and downright determination. You become more capable of flowing with life and interacting in any situation with mental agility, physical vitality, emotional intelligence and integrity. TCN trains you to move to your next level of being confident in every interaction, solid in every communication and open to your truth. It equips you with the skills you need to be able to thrive in every area of your life – personally, relationally, and professionally. It trains you how to meet challenges and problem solve, create flow and synergy, and work and play with others in a productive way. It trains you to be able to read the movement of what is occurring and do the action that brings more synergy and balance to the whole team. It trains you how to speak in a way that your are connected to what your are saying and able to deliver clearly and concisely. You are encouraged to approach life like an athlete. You build your Courage Muscle by developing grit, stamina, and heart.
The Take Charge Now Training program is your launching pad as well as where you drop your anchor.
In order to be able to take off in your life, whether personally or professionally, you need to be able to deeply settle into where you are at now, feel good about all that you’ve accomplished until now and completely feel the fulfillment of all that you have been able to create.  Once this experience is digested through every cell of your body, you are ready to set the direction and access the energy that is necessary to take you to your next level of manifesting what is important to you.
Take Charge Now guides you into doing this.
Take Charge Now brings awareness to anywhere you are driving to produce coming from having to prove yourself, a sense of obligation or being a victim, or when you are not motivated, apathetic, and sluggish coming from fear of failure or defeat.  It guides you into shifting out of these over-drive or under-drive habits into how to access your internal motivation where you are connected to your true nature and feel your desire to create in your life.
This training utilizes an innovative, practical approach to integrating sensation, emotion, thought, perception and manifestation so that you learn to move through life as a confident, heart-based problem solver, and contribute everywhere you go.  This allows you to feel what your next incremental step is and gives you the capability to take the actions you need to take right now.
Take Charge Now brings you into accessing your ability to work hard and play joyfully in order to manifest your goals.




Increase your ability to…

*Trust yourself while relating to others.
*Develop your emotional intelligence, mental agility and physical presence.
*Read underlying direction, intention, body language, and feeling tones.
*Deliver clear, concise, direct and heartfelt communications
*Receive input from others openly without defending or collapsing.
*Develop the skills needed to succeed in business in the accelerated times we live in.
*Balance, juggle and time manage your entire life
*Cultivate healthy, vital personal relationships
*Build teams in every area of your life
*Act with integrity


TCN trains you to love life and live it fully!!! You learn to move with how life moves, as opposed to being stuck, fixated, and reactive. You learn how to learn, how to be open, responsive and back yourself up.
By practicing consistently, you pick up your rate of movement. You’ve got a whole team cheering you on. By playing at your next level, you can only win. Losing is not playing. Showing up is the first step in any game and how well ou play is a matter of how much you practice.
“Under duress, your do not rise to the level of expectation, you fall to the level of your training” ~Bruce Lee



Relationship Training



Take Charge Now teaches you the skills to build and maintain healthy relationship, which is a key to personal and business success. This training enables you to move from separation into compassion, from isolation into connection, from selfishness into teamwork, from conflict into harmony and from problems into resolution. As you learn to work as a team with others, life becomes a joyful, creative adventure. (click here for more)



Professional Training



Whatever you do in the world requires that you are effective or you don’t get paid.  There is always tremendous room to grow and increase your business skills and ability to perform on a team.  Every job in the world requires being clear on your intention, interacting effectively with others, being able to read evidence and act on it, being able to meet challenges and problem solve, being able to feel what is needed and act in the best interest of the whole.  This is how you produce results. (click here for more)



Learn By Doing



Take Charge Now operates like life moves. The foundation is Learning by Doing.

You cannot learn how to play a sport by sitting on the sidelines and watching, you have to get in there, go for it, make messes, and make mistakes in order to learn and build skills. Likewise, you cannot learn how to really take off in your life except by jumping in, going for it, making messes, learning from them and moving forward.  You build your skills by practicing; you get good at anything by lots of repetition; you learn any real life skill by doing(click here for more)



Train Before You Need It

Train before you need it


Take Charge Now is a highly effective learning environment that teaches you how to move your mind, feeling and body in aligned action, and everywhere you cannot move comes to the surface.  Where you cannot move will surface as some kind of glitch in how you are relating, because you can only relate to others the way you relate to yourself.  When a glitch comes up, rather than trying to avoid it, Take Charge Now trains you to trace the mistake backs to its source.  This allows you to learn how to course correct at the foundational level, rather than just shifting your surface behavior. (click here for more)



Think On Your Feet


Take Charge Now teaches how to think quickly and clearly on your feet, as you receive and give input in relationship with others and the world around you.  You are learning to rely on your deeper sense of knowing. (click here for more)



In the Moment Practice



Take Charge Now provides hands-on, interactive, in the moment practice in how to be fully in charge of yourself- physically, emotionally, and mentally while relating and building the team. (click here for more)



Team Spirit



Team Spirit is necessary to produce tangible results in any relationship, any project, any business. These skills are built at Take Charge Now and are integrated into your entire system and you find yourself more confidently and responsibly living your whole life. (click here for more)



Being a Professional At Life



Learning how to be a professional in all parts of your life takes a rugged willingness to bump into where you aren’t professional – where you don’t have it together – and to let your weaknesses be revealed so that you can learn how to strengthen them.  This training is not for the faint of heart.  But then again, neither is life! (click here for more)



Surrender to the Challenge of Loving Yourself



Loving yourself is the Ultimate Gift you can give to Yourself and to Anyone Else! Loving Yourself means you don’t feel guilty or live in regret about anything. You are kind, compassionate and forgiving. (click here for more)



Inside the Training Camp



Learn as you go is the name of the game.  You learn by participating in a wholesome and encouraging environment.  You’re not supposed to know how to do this.  You come to learn and train. (click here for more)



Meet the Coach



I, Mariane Karou, am your guide. I am an expert movement coach and guide you with my warmth, openness, clarity, direction, intuition and integrity.  I am receptive, jovial, and bluntly direct as needed. (click here for more)